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Windshield Replacement

Not every car owner is familiar with the difference between car windows, windshield, body, front, and body glass. But experts can explain the difference between every terminology as they have to deal with these auto glasses daily. So we believe that every car owner should know the difference between these auto glass categories. Well, there are the same similarities between your windshield and the rest of the glass used in your car.

Nowadays, windshields are made of laminated glass, and it is constructed to provide maximum safety to the driver and other passengers. Laminated glass comprises three layers in which two separate glass sheets are laminated in the top and bottom of a plastic layer known as poly-vinyl-butyral (PVB). One of the benefits of laminated glass is that if any accident occurs and your windshield gets hit by a rock or another object, the damage is caused by remains on the upper layer and protects the windshield from shattering altogether. Even in case of a severe blow to your auto glass, the glass shatters, but the PVB layer prevents the glass pieces from damaging you and others in the car.

With slight damage, you can easily get your windshield repaired and save your original company seal, but this was impossible a few years ago; windshield replacement was the only option left in case of even the slightest damage. At Santa Monica Official Auto Glass service center, our professionals thoroughly inspect your damaged Mobile auto glass before reaching on any solution; once the inspection is done, our technicians will offer you all the possible solutions, even if it's replacing the entire windshield.

Your rear and side window glass is made up of curved tempered glass. Tempered glass is mostly 10 times stronger than regular glass due to its formation procedure. Unfortunately, tempered glass is impossible to repair, and replacement is the only way out. And the good news is every franchise of Santa Monica Official Auto glass has a department of technicians that deal solely in replacing the rear and window glass. We possess some of the finest professionals that offer prompt auto glass repair and replacement services.

We offer a written warranty on our quality products used and our workmanship. Customers can easily claim the warranty and enjoy a complete auto glass service either free of cost or with a small cost.

Suppose you are concerned about your damaged windshield and searching for a reliable auto glass service center. Santa Monica Official Auto Glass is the best place for you, as you will find solutions for all your auto glass problems of yours. Our internationally trained staff, world-class standards, and top-of-the-line equipment make us capable of delivering timely and efficient service to all our clients. We are your friend in need, and always be there whenever you need us. So call us today to book your appointment.