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Car Window Repair

Shattered car glass can be a tremendous annoyance. Whether you have a broken power window or a crack on the side window of your automobile, Santa Monica Official Auto Glass provides quick and easy car window repair. While driving with a broken side window may be easier than driving with a cracked windshield, it can sometimes become uncomfortable for car window repair on all makes and models of automobiles.

Car windows have been subjected to various sorts of damage over the years. Some damage, such as a chip or crack in a side or rear panel window, is simply the result of a rock bouncing down the road or an object colliding with a parked vehicle. In addition, older vehicles may experience power window motor failure or broken seals at window edges, allowing water in. Santa Monica Official Auto Glass offers expert and dependable car window repair for all foreign and domestic vehicle makes and models.

There are two types of car window repairs; car window motor repair and car window seal repair. When your car window's motor requires repairs, it indicates signs like slowing of windows while moving up and down, or producing frictional sound, or your window gets stuck sometimes. To avoid being stuck with a window that you can't close, don't wait until it entirely fails. For example, you may have a working power window motor, but the automobile window will not go up or down. That indicates that the window is out of alignment, which we can simply correct at Santa Monica Official Auto Glass.

The second type of car window repair is related to window seals. Window seals are a protective covering that acts as a barrier between the inside of your vehicle and the outside world. Seals can wear down over time, resulting in water leaks, reduced insulation from road noise, and heat or cold air escaping. We don't think about automobile window seals often, but they need to be maintained over time. A minor crack or hole in one place can be easily fixed without replacing the entire seal.

Nobody wants to deal with a shattered car window. Even if your car is operating perfectly, cracked glass on a rear quarter panel or a broken power window motor can be enough to keep you off the road. At Santa Monica Official Auto Glass, we've made it our mission to provide quick and cheap glass repair and replacement services in every situation. Our car window repair service is guaranteed to match the make and model of your vehicle. We do more than just repair car windows. Our car window replacementis considered best in Santa Monica and L.A County.

Our skilled technicians at Santa Monica Official Auto Glass can repair your car window motor and can replace your car's windows seals as well. Santa Monica Official Auto Glass is a one-stop solution for auto glass repairing work of any kind.