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Mobile Auto Glass

Mobile auto glass has a revolutionary history filled with individuals and entrepreneurs who have served the mobile auto glass repair and replacement industry, making these services easy and convenient today. In addition, many companies that manufacture the equipment needed for auto glass repair have secured a certain rank in auto glass history; similarly, a rank is secured by the service technicians who perform the repair. Without the efforts of these individual technicians and auto glass service retailers, the industry of mobile auto glass would not have grown.

People like Rowe Taylor (Harrisburg), Lucille Massey (Houston), Bruce Quande (Missoula), and Bill Batley (Seattle) are responsible for convincing the consumers and repairing auto glass. The Mobile Auto glass industry started in the US and later spread worldwide. Without these people and companies' hard work and great efforts, the auto glass repair industry would not be where it is today.

Before 1930, laminated glass was an alien term for many, as auto glass repair was impossible, and replacement is the option a customer has if a crack appears on the windshield. The technology to repair the auto glass came with the innovation of laminated glass. Laminated glass consists of three layers in which two glass layers are laminated to a plastic layer in the center, known as PVB. After 1930 the auto glass repair methods and tools started progressing, and still, their technology is innovating day by day.

All this auto glass history shows that windshield repair is an innovation that helped car owners save a great amount of money and time. Because replacements were the only option at that time and the quality of the windshield was also compromised. Auto glass repair Culver City possesses technicians skilled in repairing windshields and replacing them using high-quality tools and experience.

Our customers should never ignore a small crack or chip, and driving with a damaged windshield will increase the crack in length and depth, and dirt or water settling in the crack can make it impossible to repair. The only option left at that point will be to replace the windshield.

Mostly at Santa Monica Official Auto glass, our customers inquire our team whether or not the cracks and chips will disappear from the windshield and the answer we provide to them is no, a repair can not make cracks go away, but it's done to save the company’s original seal and to prevent cracks from spreading to an unrepairable extend. Even repairs are rarely possible due to cracks, as if the cracks are blocking the driver's view, then replacing the windshield is the only option left with our team. And we advise you to trust the specialist’s advice and replace the windshield as it's for your safety and safety does not have a price.