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Auto Glass Replacement

Auto glass repairs are possible only in some cases, such as if the crack or a chip is minute. The position of the crack and chip on the auto glass also decides if the repair is possible or not. In other cases, a repair can compromise the integrity of the glass and can be dangerous for the drivers and other passengers.

When you contact any service center of Saint Monica Official Auto Glass, our technical support team will schedule the earliest available appointment and visit you at your preferred location. Our team performs an inspection and lets you know all the details about the damage and whether the damage is repairable or not. If the cracks and chips are unrepairable, they surely advise you to replace your windshield, and you will be provided an estimate of service charges if you demand so.

Depending on the intensity of damage, our team will advise you of an auto glass replacement; if so, put your trust in them as all our technical staff is highly experienced. They never compromise on our customer's safety. Of course, the cost of a windshield replacement is higher than the cost of windshield repair. Still, you don’t have to worry at all as we give our customers great discounts and affordable packages deals and are very cost-effective.

Many factors affect the cost of auto glass replacement, such as the model of your vehicle, the cost of adhesive and installation, and even your vehicle’s insurance affects the cost of auto glass replacement. However, the experienced and well-equipped staff of Saint Monica Official Auto Glass can perform crucial replacements in little time, and they take care of all the tiny details so that no other part of your vehicle gets damaged.

While replacing your windshield, our technicians choose an original equipment manufacturer quality auto glass to match the model of your automobile. In addition, the adhesives used in windshield installation are auto glass safety council approved. And last but not least, our team observes at least an hour of drive-away time to ensure the safety of the passengers. Drive-away time shows the minimum time required by the adhesives to set completely, and car safety regulations set this time.

Your safety is always our priority, and we never compromise on that on any account. We advise our customers not to compromise on their car’s structural integrity to save a little amount and suffer in the future. A good service will always benefit you, and we provide a warranty for all the materials used in repair and replacement procedures and for all our services.

Want a quick auto glass repair or replacement service? Contact our service center today, and you will be given a doorstep service as soon as possible so that you don’t have to waste your time standing in a service center while your auto glass is in repair or replacement procedure.