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Windshield Glass Replacement

Regardless of how large or minor the damage to your windshield is, it is generally considered a safety issue. On the one hand, small cracks and chips might impede your vision of the road, increasing the likelihood of an accident. If, on the other hand, your windshield is cracked and you are involved in a car accident, the auto glass is more likely to shatter, inflicting catastrophic injury. The windscreen in your car serves two purposes. The first is to safeguard you and your passengers, and the second is to ensure the overall structural integrity of your car.

Moreover, A shattered windshield is frequently the cause of traffic penalties and accidents. It is illegal in many states to have cracks or chips in the center of your windshield OR to drive your vehicle if your auto glass has severe damage. Drivers who continue to drive in this manner risk receiving penalties or fines that may have been avoided if their windshield had been repaired.

Most people do not know whether their car’s windshield requires repair or complete replacement. If you are one of those people, then remember that your windshield needs to be replaced if; your windshield has been damaged to the extent where it is obstructing the driver's view, or its crack is more than 14 inches long, or the glass's inner layer has also been fractured, or the damage is close or reaches a windshield corner or edge.

Santa Monica Official Auto Glass explains to its client that windshield glass replacement is a four-step operation. First, the car body sections around the windshield and the nearby interior are shielded with canvas or similar material. The windshield is next cut and removed from the edges, as are the seals and glues, leaving only the naked frame. Following that, a primer is applied to the inside of the frame where the windshield will be installed. Next, the edges of the new windshield are coated with a specific adhesive sealant with a polyurethane basis. Finally, the windshield is precisely fitted and glued to the frame in a very short period. It usually takes more than an hour to replace a windshield because the glue and adhesive used to fix it require around an hour to dry.

If you're looking for windshield glass replacement professionals, then contact Santa Monica Official Auto Glass. We are one of the leading automobile windshield replacement and repair companies in Santa Monica, providing customers with hassle-free services. Our professional technicians can assist you in determining the best approach for repairing and replacing your damaged windshield and getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. We also provide other repairing services like car window repair.

In serious damage or cracks reaching the structure, windshield glass replacement is the best way to restore the car's integrity and, thus, maybe the safest alternative. Santa Monica Official Auto Glass install fresh as it glass gives the best visibility because sometimes, a cracked or badly pitted glass may still appear less clear after even after repairing.