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Marina Del Rey

Docks of the Kings is what the name of this beautiful area in California means. Marina Del Rey is a beautiful sight near the sea. It has water-based recreational activities and is the most famous for these activities in Los Angeles County. This scenic location is the largest man-made small-craft harbor that can be home to 5000 boats at a time in North America. It is a census-designated place (CDP) and holds a small population of a little over 11 thousand. It is located close to Los Angeles International Airport, only 6 miles away. This place is now a growing economy as well as demographically. As a result, businesses are opening up to facilitate the population. Businesses including services of different kinds, for example, a new venture like Santa Monica Official Auto Glass, is setting its foot.

Many other chances of growth and expansions have been sighted in Marina Del Rey. For example, auto Glass Century City is one of the most popular service providers in the vicinity. They provide basic services of repairing the windshield etc. This small locality is growing leaps and bounds in all directions possible. The population consists mainly of White or Native Americans. The other nationalities that exist here are Asians, Hispanics, and African Americans.

Marina Del Rey has two main parks that host festivals and events. It mainly depends on wetland or water-based activities. The most famous points of interest are Ballona Wetlands, California Yacht Club, Fisherman’s Village, the most famous points of interest, etc. Los Angeles County owns the land. They have given leases on all the lands. This county is on the fourth part of Los Angeles County and is represented by Janice Hahn.

There is a water-shuttle service and a waterbus that runs on set days and times during the summer. Marina Del Rey is divided into the harbor area and the suburban region. The shuttle service runs on the marina's roadways and between Venice Pier and Playa Vista, nearby. There are six swaths of land with at least one roadway. Of course, these areas have land vehicle traffic as a commute. Some of these ways connect the Marina Del Rey to Los Angele, like, Mindanao Way.

With the low population, there is no good school in the area. The students go to either Anchorage Street Elementary or Venice High School, Etc. The main residential area comprises apartments and homes on Lincoln Boulevard. The Golden Triangle handles the real estate of the place. The people residing are more on the average income group of North America. The Marina Del Rye has attracted small businesses and investors in recent years. Growth in the auto industry is one such area of advancement.