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Windshield Repair

Santa Monica Official Auto Glass has a history filled with technicians and individuals who have provided brilliant services to many happy customers. That is how we have attained this reputation in the market that our customers never feel deceived after we charge them for our services. Instead, they always return for windshield repairs and windshield replacement service.

You may think that only the companies that produce repair tools are of great importance. Still, the technicians that perform actual repair are also of prime importance because without their skills and experience, and no tool can work with such perfection. Without the efforts of these experienced technicians, the industry would not have grown and prospered the way it had.

Auto glass repair or windshield repair is a recent innovation, and if you read the history of automobiles, you won’t find this term as windshield repairs were not possible until 1970. However, the repairs became possible after innovating multilayer of glass, also known as laminated safety glass in auto glass.

Repair in laminated glass is done by removing the air from the cracks and replacing it with resin.Laminated glass has many benefits compared to that old plain glass windshield, such as the plain glass can break into minor pieces as soon as it receives a hit or a blow from an accident. In contrast, laminated glass remains intact due to its middle plastic layer.

A deliberation that you face after detecting a crack or a chip on your windshield is to repair or replace it to keep it in top-notch condition. Or if you want to go for a repair, then the question arises whether the repair is even possible or not. Our technical support team will guide you with all your queries to answer all these questions.

At Santa Monica Official Auto Glass, our technicians always try their best to repair the windshield to secure the company seal of your windshield. Therefore, auto glass replacement will be advised only if a repair is impossible if it affects the structural integrity of your vehicle.

At Santa Monica Official Auto Glass service center, we accept all credit and debit cards, and we have different payment methods to ease our customers. In addition, we collaborate with all the known insurance companies and handle all the paperwork to save from any chaotic situation.

We also provide a warranty certificate to cover all the future dues during the warranty period. We provide other car services too. Our service center offers many discounts and packages.

For an overall auto glass service, contact the professionals of the Santa Monica Official Auto Glass service center. We guarantee you an unrivaled service by any other auto glass service center in town. Either you want an auto glass repair or replacement. We always offer the best and most affordable deals.

Windshield Repair