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Windshield Replacement Near Me

If you want to experience the best windshield replacement service in Santa Monica, then contact Santa Monica Official Auto Glass. We have a team of skilled and licensed auto glass services technicians who can provide you with the best services within your budget limits.

We only provide OEM-grade materials to ensure that the replaced glass is identical or has even better quality than the previous one. If you reside anywhere in Santa Monica, we are just one click away. All you have to do is simply type windshield repair near me. You can visit our website for all your auto glass service-related queries. Our mobile teams will visit your location and provide you with the best auto glass services that Santa Monica Official Auto Glass is known for.

Windshields usually get damaged due to high temperatures. California, being the most populous state in the country, with an ever-growing population, will experience more temperatures in years to come. In addition to this, current construction projects have added fuel to the fire by creating a concrete jungle around the state.

Construction debris is also one of the main reasons behind the chips in your car's windshields. So, to assist commuters with all their windshield replacement and auto window repair needs, Santa Monica Official Auto Glass provides the best quality auto glass services that one can find across Santa Monica. Our experts will provide you with a free quote and can contact your insurance company on your behalf as well.

A shady auto glass service provider can defraud you by charging a huge amount of money for your car's Windshield replacement. Now, you can save yourself from such fraudsters by contacting Santa Monica Official Auto Glass. We offer an affordable windshield replacement service. Contact us today to get a free quote for all your auto glass service needs. Also, don't worry if your windshield is insured. We will contact your insurance company on your behalf and handle all the important paperwork required to claim the insurance. We are also offering huge cashback to our customers as a token of appreciation for trusting our services.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are built-in technologies to assist drivers in parking or driving their vehicles safely. It is estimated that this system is installed in around sixty million country vehicles. These systems are designed by prioritizing the safety of drivers and passengers. They help in avoiding collisions or any other road-related incidents. Santa Monica Official Auto Glass provides recalibration services of your vehicle’s ADAS in two ways, depending on its make and model.

Dynamic calibration – In this type of recalibration, our calibration experts perform the process of calibration on your preferred location. Our technicians will ensure the accuracy of your ADAS calibration by using our specialized equipment. In addition, we ensure the optimal functionality of all ADAS cameras and sensors.

Static calibration – This recalibration process is carried out in a specialized environment. For the convenience of our valued customers, Santa Monica Official Auto Glass offers complimentary pickup services to bring your vehicles to the nearest ADAS calibration center. We will deliver your vehicle to your doorstep after the calibration process is finished.