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Malibu is a beach city in the state of California, USA. The name Malibu is derived from the Chumash word “Humaliwo” the “hu” has gone silent, and the word became the current “Malibu.” The name is perfect for the city's location as the name means “surfs sound loudly.” It is a city that is situated near Santa Monica Mountains. Malibu coast was incorporated in the city in the early ’90s. Due to the beach, it has a Mediterranean climate. Usually, the summers are hot, and the weather all around the year is nice and pleasant, not too cold in the winters.

It is known to be the home of Hollywood celebrities. It also has many other affluent personalities as its residents. Naturally, though, there is a middle-class population as well. The population is very scarce; only 13000 people live in Malibu or “the Bu” as the locals and the surfers. The roads date as old as the early 20th century. Of course, due to being inhabited by affluent people, the city's infrastructure is beautiful and advanced. The roads are mostly highways. With Hollywood celebrities, this city sees a lot of luxury and custom-made cars. These cars need service and repairs from the best of technicians. The repairs are expensive and crucial.

The service providers of car repairs are well trained and equipped with advanced technology-based tools. This makes the service provided efficient and reliable. As the cars are expensive, great care is needed when repairing such issues. Windshield replacement can damage the body of the car if not done properly. The pressure on the rubber around the windshield needs to be tested before passing it on to the owner for driving. Malibu’s people have always been active about what is being done to their city. Before Malibu's proper governance, the people fought against many changes like nuclear power plants, offshore freeways, etc.

The population is largely Whites, about 90%+. The remaining are Asians, Hispanics, African Americans, etc. The city's income is above the state's median income, making the residents have a better lifestyle than their neighboring cities. Malibu is also a great tourist attraction in the summers. The beaches are always crowded. People flew in from all over the US and even international destinations to soak in the beautiful sun and enjoy the warm weather.

Malibu has its own far greater than a fair share of natural disasters. This city has seen recurring mudslides, storms, wildfires, etc. One well-known service provides Santa Monica Official Auto Glass. They provide windshield replacement, auto glass repairs, auto glass replacement, etc. They also provide services in other cities, like auto glass Sherman Oaks, auto glass in Century city, etc.