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Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks is a small neighborhood in the county of Los Angeles, California. Laying on the San Fernando Valley region, the neighborhood in Santa Monica Mountains. Sherman Oaks has a lower density of population. In 2009 it regained about 1800 of its homes from the neighborhood town of Van Nye. This has increased the land area of Sherman Oaks. The area, like most of its neighborhoods, experiences a Mediterranean climate. Throughout the year, the weather is warmer, with moderate cold in the winters. They receive a low amount of rain.

They have a population of about 53000 as per the last consensus of 2010. The consensus of the place revealed that it has a larger percentage of Non-Hispanic whites. The rest of the population belongs to mixed nationalities like Asians, African Americans, Hispanics, Latinos, etc. it is not considered a diverse neighborhood. The people's age range is mid-age from 20-45 and then 65 and above. Sherman Oaks has the highest ratio of divorces and widows. The average income per household is higher than other neighborhoods in the county.

Residents are well educated; most people above 25 years of age have a four-year degree program. Besides that, kids go to Sherman Oaks and neighborhoods like Van Nye. The parks and recreational places are also good in this neighborhood. For example, the park has an auditorium, baseball diamonds (indoor and outdoor), basketball courts, etc. Sherman Oaks is a place that attracts more locals because of its growth in business opportunities and recreational places. This is a place for relaxation as well as financial growth.

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